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this is a view of a giraffe I did not think I’d ever see


look at that tummy!


via Cockatrice.
Video 12 Apr 1 note

apoxie is done, the set up has been very fun, still need to rework the foam :L on the inside jaw looks off set, that’s because the whole resin head is slightly warped

I am slightly entertaining doing some more of the heads, for flat rates of head/supplies dunno about furring yet, just want to add to my portfolio of costumes.

will be doing the hood part soon, so I can figure out the ears which are done and furred -impatiences- 

Text 11 Apr 2 notes betta

dodo has perked up and is more active in his smaller tank, I don’t know why.

I suppose both my fish like smaller tanks. kind of stumped with that since people keep telling me that a 2.5 gal tank is too small for one betta. he just eats himself up in that tank, I removed all the plastic plants, put a heater in and did a full clean and he still was like. ”’mmmmmm my tail fins are nummy”’

he’s in the .33 observe tank right now

the big tank needs to be cleaned when I have time.

Text 11 Apr 2 notes
Video 5 Apr 4 notes

decided to post my wip, so yeah doing things out of order, right now finishing the sexy eyelids

if any one had pointers with the foam, I’m quite lost I am attempting a wolf on a DVC large canine blank, removed that toony nose bulge, I think I should add foam to the cheeks but not sure where seeing as it would impede the elastic.

yes wires on the outside, I’ll probably strip the connectors off and add more wire to them

Text 31 Mar 1 note room with a view

the room

all the shit went down over this, W my good friend from middle school. Naively arranged with another friend, T to pay for the room. T did not collect contact numbers, or rather it was on the other phone. trying to break away from the parents syndrome…

grow some wings first.

the hotel, was poorly managed and the manager was computer retarded. end of that topic, first W wasn’t on the list then she was. At one point W had the chance to wipe her hands clean of the emotionally/financial debacle.

But T was all like ‘I REALLY WANT THIS ROOM’ and ‘WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS’ honestly doesn’t matter about the others since they didn’t have their credit card on the damn account. I was displeased at the attempt of emotional black mail. W was already in the middle of an anxiety attack really? really? who gives a fuck what the others want, fuck them they aren’t here they have no say.

'what about David?' he has no fucking say in the matter it is W's credit card, fuck off. not that it mattered in the first place. considering what happened later. 

OH T has no credit card, WOW surprise there not, she has no money to help foot the bill. considering what she brought along to the con too. questionable. she got W into bringing her super expensive CPU, regardless of me and W’s mom telling her not to. the safe that W said she’d put the CPU in was broken, also not even the right size.

We went to the con for a while. saw no panels, honestly I don’t mind that not a big fan of most of the panels. ditched them first opportunity. Just tired of T’s crap about everything.

We had breakfast, at Ihop because T wanted to save money. yeah me too. so we have breakfast dinner, fabulous might have taken forever. Good food, and I got to use a moderately clean bathroom. 

upon the bill, T can’t do basic subtraction…

also when T said they could only spend 10$ for food, when they order the most expensive stuff, plus the tip easily +10 to their bill. I’m scratching my head. at least she didn’t still the poor waitress. Still arguing that denny’s is pricier, when one goes out of the way to get more expensive… yeah I’ll stop I just don’t understand.

milk is more expensive then soda, it always has been…

After dinner we get the nice nasty wake up call that the room arrangements has come back to haunt W. the party involved they did nothing. except call right then as we walked back to the con from dinner con and ask T if they could meet up. saying they got a room at a hotel.

SO W did not collect the money for the room up front, and that’s what it all boiled down to in the end. everyone who said they’d come to the room backed out, not even last minute. the ‘others’ knew of the change in plans a day before the room reservations but rather then in form T so she could pass the message to W.

poorly planned, poorly arranged and W will never do this again.

W cussed out someone on the phone she’s never met, some other con goer told her to stop cussing, she cussed that chick off too. Probably a real live SWJ there were no children present, it was 10:30 pm. we were alone, there wasn’t many people around besides the errant smokers.

besides disturbing the peace, or rather lack of peace considering how many peeps were sharing their undesirable music.

yes W dunno if she’s recovered from it. the whole thing was stupid

I was invited by a strange raver cat lady to come to her room for a party. should have gone, but I lack bravado. Wish you were there Nebby. 

second day of con I hung out exclusively with my little sister and with random TF2 cosplayers. that was nice granted I listened mostly, like a good bird. I say that professor oak cosplayer again. I think she/he is a friend of W’s

next year will be better, hopefully.

Text 30 Mar

So still a bit peeved at the megacon fiasco,

not going to lie I did actually ditch my friends at one point, for the safety of my knees. Their safety too, how many near misses of almost running over them, more then the fingers on my hands.

best part is they continued the halting meandering right after I informed them that the constant stops and halts were causing me aggravation. How many times did I whack my knees on that violin case? lots and she was holding it wrong too, the neck of the case goes in front since its longer orz, that’s how I see most people carry their musical instruments.

it only had three strings, the chin piece was broken and every time someone commented on the violin itself or the case. the owner launched into a sad sob story about it, the people honestly were doing for the most part that ‘i’m walking away but don’t want to seem impolite’ sort of body moving one way yet still giving eye contact.

I missed nebby, at least then we could check out the artist alley and peruse the clothing and hats. or at least wander around with some constant motion. 

well according to the ‘most artistic’ of the group self claimed title. :L

there was no reason to go to the artist alley, because who wants art? not the words said but the flippant attitude was not welcome. Considering I was hoping to met up with a few artists that I had met earlier.

I lost a glove, that was a $30 loss. the nonchalant shrug off by a certain party member was unwelcome, considering I just spent 2 hours waiting for them to get their room business in order. 

gloves come in pairs I have to buy a set. the room, that was a whole can of worms in itself. people whom don’t organize/communicate well should probably never try and arrange a hotel room, with others. specially if they’ve never met.

I’ll save that rant for later

long story short I ditched my friends in an attempt to see the sights at the dealers room, since I had barely and hour before it closed. Honestly I did want to see more since the following day I had stuff to do and by the time I arrived the dealers room was already closed.

I did not take kindly to the blatant favoritism to the priority of other’s wants, over the well fare of the rest of the group. 

Text 24 Jan

So I have to help my mother entertain her guests for several hours rather then doing my work so I can have a pretty worry free weekend.

So after the guests leave I seclude myself away and even shut off the room with a pocket door. and now she’s standing in the corner on a stool shaving the wall paper with my dad’s electric shaver. In the same room, like the pocket door didn’t mean anything

Text 25 Dec

hmm what should I pay for car insurance or health insurance?

Text 24 Dec

I barely make 100 bucks a month now.

due to mandatory health care

I have to pay 137 a month

Text 13 Dec why do I even try to communicate with my parents?

they never listen to me,

my dad just made fun of for not wanting the cloths, insulted me for wanting what he calls ‘toys’.

moms all like if you wear nice cloths I won’t buy any, yeah fucking right!
I probably won’t wear them I hardly go to nice venues because surprise I can’t afford to. 

Its become clear that if I want to be part of the family I have to shut up.

Text 13 Dec Christmas dreams dashed again

once again, any hopes I have for this season’s merriment is flushed away by my mother’s inability to follow the wish list.

I get cloths, expensive cloths that exceed the wish list budget. Cloths are never on my wish list because I get so many gently used hand-me downs from several family members. I have too much cloths that I have to cycle my wardrobe.

these expensive cloths are for an interview that will be in 2015.

I already have 5 good interview outfits.

she bitches at me for not having nice cloths, I do have them I just don’t go to many events where I have to wear them. then she complains about me having to many cloths we gee

I wonder why.

anyways I must sell some stuff or find a job so I can get gifts for myself on top of gifts other people want. because its the spirit of giving, I’m going to buy my mom something she doesn’t want so we can be in a mutual state of disregard.

probably a strap on. 

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