Text 30 Jul taco tuesday

sister just came home and announced we should have tacos one night

my suggestion was when she came home at dinner time we could do it; naturally she got upset ‘i’ll never get home in time’ well its perfectly fine with me.

as the person whom has to prepare the silly meal, its more set up then its worth. not to mention clean up, the person who wanted this meal would be absent for both set up and clean up and would just reap the benefit of the food.

I’m sorry but no thank you

a bit petty but why should I get ready an hour before dinner with prepping stuff I don’t even eat [cheese, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, salsa, etc] and then clean up an hour after to have you come in at the end and eat something you’ve been wanting?

go to taco bell.

Text 29 Jul

I love the tumblr rp community so many characters; granted I do try and stay away from 3+ character blogs for the insanity of not knowing which character you are rping with/having all their characters gang up crap

I should decidedly not contact any of their mods unless for rp set up only

I keep forgetting this golden rule

no light banter, nope

can’t do quips to their ooc questioning

shame on rhee, shame rhee don’t talk to them

I’m great at finding those people whom twist everything thing I say to them into some sort of attack on their person; ya know? I’,m  not into that why waste my time on that?

so I do everyone in a while give second chances to rp peeps, mostly cause I want to RP. so these usually don’t go on as planned or the mods become so argumenative


example- one point in time I met someone to rp with and are characters worked, but moderator personalities crashed, this was a super sorry saying person ever sentance they typed was followed by a ‘sorry’. I told them not to it was just a misunderstanding.

but what really pissed me off was they had gone to their friends the day of the incident and I was getting hate spam from their friends. by the time it reached 4-5 friends we had already fixed the issue.

however there was one friend that refused to listen to my take of the story[a comment that was ment to be silly taken to the extreme]; and was just extremely childish about the whole thing[like they started to post about my blog being a hate blog or something equally asinine]. so I un-followed them I recently gave them a second chance and two weeks in I’m already regretting it

yes there it is a story about how a light banter about tf2 being all about hats, was misinterpreted into an attack in ooc text.

Photo 29 Jul
Text 29 Jul 268,932 notes Reblog if you dont shave your legs everyday.





I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

Dude I don’t even shower everyday

Actually showering everyday is bad for you as you lose natural oils and your skin and hair dry up and become weak.

I haven’t shaved my legs in months.

I have never shaved my legs

Video 29 Jul

oh boy another one

look at my shitty art haven’t arted in a while

Video 27 Jul 4 notes

First experience in the finished partial, probably needs some more shaving. better hand paws too.


it was fun even though I had my reservations, going w/o a handler

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Top picture: my entire collection that I have access to right now. I have a giraffe beach towel and I’m sure theres some other things I’m forgetting about.
Middle row:
Giraffe pillow pet, giraffe blanket, a picture I drew in third grade that we framed cause I entered it into a contest.
The thing with flowers carved through it is a piece of wood that used to have hooks in it to hang like necklaces or something on, there’s a cork board my mom made, French memo board, a wooden giraffe, a plastic giraffe, a giraffe eraser with movable legs, a ceramic giraffe I painted, a picture of a giraffe from the newspaper.
A drawing my friend’s little sister made for me, a picture frame hand crafted by @pattsan , a fake stained glass thing I made, a picture my friend drew on my last day of group, two tiny giraffes with Velcro on their hands so they can hug things, clay Bakura in a giraffe costume courtesy of @gengarvevo , a small giraffe folding chair, a giraffe beanie baby, a giraffe stuffed animal, Snickers (the giraffe under the chair) who I take anywhere I’m staying overnight.
Bottom row: A slightly unsettling giraffe complete with dangling legs, a rectangular piece of wood I painted, two large stuffed giraffes, and a giraffe visor. And yes, those are giraffe print curtains.

I did not rearrange my entire room for one fucking note

Text 26 Jul eh

Probably won’t finish my fursuit for the con I’m tossing in the towel right about now. it really doesn’t matter 

my handler backed out last minute anyways; do to an anime convention being held at the same time. which is annoying since the one I planed to attend is always at this time. maybe if the anime con could settle on a goddamn date, last year it was in August.

I still need to stitch the coronal suture up and glue the fur to the head, and I’m getting the precon depression/apathy again.

I need more friends or new ones; I can’t keep tagging along with my sister’s friends even if they are fun. :C

I went anyways

Video 21 Jul 2 notes

I don’t understand why that eye keeps coming out like that, I used the pattern from that side and it looks much better on the other side

it needs a shave, excuse my shitty camera, I’ll sew on the back neck part and zipper tomorrow.



the shaver smells like sweaty old men

I want to fix the eye before I sew the two halves of the head together

Why eye why, any advice?

Text 16 Jul

MBCs are a waste of time and money, I should have sold the junk think and not wasted usd on the predicts; by now I would have had babies.

I thought foolishly that submitting predicts would pass but apparently you can’t use colors that appear in great quantities on the offspring however small bits such as black found on one parent is perfect for large portions of the design. so sue me I don’t understand

cyan is in a small portion but easily overwhelmed by orange and yellow however I can’t have yellow striped zebra gum gear-affe according to the predict master. well they can develop hemorrhoids for all I care the lack of help [more cyan and black] has been unhelpful and I wish they’d just pass the pair consider the one baby whom has mostly grey a color not found on either parent received no backlash in commentary from the faceless person whom I now assume to be some sort of art critic that has no credentials to be such

we changed the base color to a more cream mimicking conraffe and it was still too yellow. I’ve reaced a max submission for babies only due to accidentally resubmitting the grey baby and one with a massive black scribble.

my passive aggressiveness is showing

to which why I am ranting, and that I have seen plenty of more colorful unrelated babies pass and I’m fighting over a too yellow heathen. You know what just give me the ugy grey green one, I’m done

I realize that only well known players can have the pretty predicts that’s fine I’d like my grey green baby and wash my hands of this crummy ordeal altogether.

I can’t believe I spent 6$ usd on predicts that didn’t ever pass

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Archimedes is the absolute unchallenged beast of TF2, never forget.

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