Video 21 Jul 2 notes

I don’t understand why that eye keeps coming out like that, I used the pattern from that side and it looks much better on the other side

it needs a shave, excuse my shitty camera, I’ll sew on the back neck part and zipper tomorrow.



the shaver smells like sweaty old men

I want to fix the eye before I sew the two halves of the head together

Why eye why, any advice?

Text 16 Jul

MBCs are a waste of time and money, I should have sold the junk think and not wasted usd on the predicts; by now I would have had babies.

I thought foolishly that submitting predicts would pass but apparently you can’t use colors that appear in great quantities on the offspring however small bits such as black found on one parent is perfect for large portions of the design. so sue me I don’t understand

cyan is in a small portion but easily overwhelmed by orange and yellow however I can’t have yellow striped zebra gum gear-affe according to the predict master. well they can develop hemorrhoids for all I care the lack of help [more cyan and black] has been unhelpful and I wish they’d just pass the pair consider the one baby whom has mostly grey a color not found on either parent received no backlash in commentary from the faceless person whom I now assume to be some sort of art critic that has no credentials to be such

we changed the base color to a more cream mimicking conraffe and it was still too yellow. I’ve reaced a max submission for babies only due to accidentally resubmitting the grey baby and one with a massive black scribble.

my passive aggressiveness is showing

to which why I am ranting, and that I have seen plenty of more colorful unrelated babies pass and I’m fighting over a too yellow heathen. You know what just give me the ugy grey green one, I’m done

I realize that only well known players can have the pretty predicts that’s fine I’d like my grey green baby and wash my hands of this crummy ordeal altogether.

I can’t believe I spent 6$ usd on predicts that didn’t ever pass

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Archimedes is the absolute unchallenged beast of TF2, never forget.

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Text 21 Jun 3 notes looking for psds -account 258

shrimp unknown




most recent


pmbc of my silvers below


Photo 9 Jun 7,491 notes kilomonster:

Just chillin’ in Hawaii.


Just chillin’ in Hawaii.

Text 8 Jun

buys a psd use of a horse scc

get a pinto horse with a painted on x-mas saddle coloration

doesn’t qualify

find someone who can edit more festive stuff

still doesn’t qualify

edits the north pole more

still doesn’t qualify

sells x-mas custom makers

Text 7 Jun

at work I was harassed and bullied by a 60-75 year old lady.

my supervisors are all retired teachers and they punish me for the harassment and bullying by moving me around the room. even though I told this lady that she should sit next to me because I talk and she didn’t like that last time. 

I can’t get the numbers I need if you keep moving me

I’m not allowed to sit next to anyone I’m friendly with, So the next day we switch floors and I choose to sit next to another lady. the whole room is open and the bully lady chooses to sit next to me.

she then harasses the supervisor and me, I report the behavior and clarify that the woman is actually choosing to sit next to me, that it wasn’t me trying to bother her.

a friend who witnessed the event comes in and tells the supervisor that this woman is literally invading my work space.

I’m moved again for the next night, the woman is put in another group, then apparently she becomes the noise maker, attempting to be friends with some person next to her.

Long story short no matter whom I sat next to I made friends with and chatted with while working. This woman probably was lonely, but I can’t condone the amount of bullying and harassment she put me through.

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this is a view of a giraffe I did not think I’d ever see


look at that tummy!


via Cockatrice.
Video 12 Apr 1 note

apoxie is done, the set up has been very fun, still need to rework the foam :L on the inside jaw looks off set, that’s because the whole resin head is slightly warped

I am slightly entertaining doing some more of the heads, for flat rates of head/supplies dunno about furring yet, just want to add to my portfolio of costumes.

will be doing the hood part soon, so I can figure out the ears which are done and furred -impatiences- 

Text 11 Apr 2 notes betta

dodo has perked up and is more active in his smaller tank, I don’t know why.

I suppose both my fish like smaller tanks. kind of stumped with that since people keep telling me that a 2.5 gal tank is too small for one betta. he just eats himself up in that tank, I removed all the plastic plants, put a heater in and did a full clean and he still was like. ”’mmmmmm my tail fins are nummy”’

he’s in the .33 observe tank right now

the big tank needs to be cleaned when I have time.

Text 11 Apr 2 notes

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